Preparations for the Overseas Training

...Before the training, the naval cadets have a lot of sports, like running, swimming and rowing. For the rowing, we use about 10 people per boat. The naval cadets in the boat must row about 8 miles on one day until our hands are bruised. Also, naval cadets will run about 10 kilometers. We run around the Sattahip naval base. In another running practice, we must run around Koh Phra Island. There is hiking, long-distance swimming and running. There we must run carefully, because it is very dangerous. The island is full of sharp shells and rocks, the waves are quite strong and the sea is full of poisonous jellyfish. For the swimming session, we swim from Lamtain base to Koh Phra, about 1 mile away. If we can't swim, the boat will help us.
After that, all NC's start training at sea...

Written by Full Team, November 2005

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