Fire Fighting Training

According to the rule of the Royal Thai Navy, all the ships in the RTN have to have a damage control system. The damage control system is divided into units. Each unit is responsible for damage that occurs in its area. Most ships in the RTN have at least 2 damage control units; one in the fore section and the other in the astern section. In each unit there is a fire fighting team ready for an emergency.

The fire fighting training is part of the damage control training. Fire control on board is more difficult than ashore, because there is less space than on land, and most parts of the ships are made of metal that conducts the heat much more than other materials. Therefore, we need a special team responsible for cooling down the metal by spraying water unit, before the real fire extinguishing.

There are about 10-12 officers on different duties in one fire fighting team. Some officers have a special duty like communicator, damage explorer, air and water drainer and electrician, the others station on equipment like nozzles, fire hoses, valve and pump.

The fire fighting training emphasizes on training every officer to be an expert in his duty and to maintain the mission if anyone gets hurt during the operation.

For the naval cadet training, there will be simulated events for the naval cadets to cope with in the different areas. It is a practice for the naval cadets to learn how to make a decision and solve unexpected problems with efficiency in a short time.

Written by Godfather, November 2005

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